Learn handwriting - School fonts for primary

Handwriting skills are still as important: most of the exams at university are held with pen and paper and still many companies in Europe ask for a handwritten motivation letter as a first selection criteria.

Our research has shown that all common beginner workbooks used in different European languages refer to the same linear-Antiqua font. You can find this font in this package under the name FibelNordTT which is the official TES font to be used for all worksheets in Nursery and in P1-P2 Primary. Alternatively the fonts Grundschrift and Patrick Hand can be used.

Transaktionsanalyse im Schulalltag

In der vorliegenden Arbeit werden ausgewählte, theoretische Grundlagen der Transaktionsanalyse wie die Struktur- und Funktionsmodelle der menschlichen Persönlichkeit erarbeitet und vorgestellt.