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Parce que j’aime cette vie, j’aimerai la mort aussi.

—Rabîndranâth Tagore: L’Offrande lyrique [1]

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Here is a list of most recent posts:

  • Apr 16 - Java at school / Java à l’école

    Java at school / Java à l’école is a collection of self-learning Java exercises in French for A-level students.

    Java à l’école est un recueil d’exercices pour débutants sans connaissances d’autres langages de programmation. Contrairement à d’autres méthodes didactiques les exercices introduisent directement les bases de la programmation orientée objet en respectant le concept de programmation “Architecture Modèle/Vue/Contrôleur”.

  • Mar 17 - Tiny and fast ASN.1 decoder in Python

    asn1tinydecoder.py is a simple and fast ASN.1 decoder without external libraries designed to parse large files.

    Another widely used library for encoding and decoding ASN.1 in python is Pyasn1. This implementation covers many aspects of ASN.1, but the API is very complex and hard to learn. Furthermore Pyasn1 is not designed to parse large files. This why I wrote this tiny ASN.1 decoder. It’s design goal was to be as fast as possible (with Python 2). [1]

  • Mar 15 - Reverse SSH-tunnel

    Accessing your home server from outside your local network is usually done by forwarding a port of your server through the router. This note describes a different approach allowing to establish a peer-to-peer connection between hosts on different private networks without having access to the router.

  • Mar 15 - Redirecting an audio stream with aloop

    This manual shows how to record the output of Windows applications using wine, the snd-aloop kernel module and recordMyDesktop. [1]

    The snd-aloop module is very useful when you need to record other sound sources then your microphone. Simply connect the “noisi” application to the first sound loopback devices provided by snd-aloop and the screen recorder to the second.

  • Mar 15 - Digidoc Open-EID

    This note shows how to install the Estonian Electronic Identity Software on Debian 9.

[1]Rabîndranâth Tagore: L’Offrande lyrique. Because I love this life, I will love death as much. I first saw this epitaph on grave near a chapel in Clairfontaine Belgium. The grave has been taken away many years ago but the words remained in my mind.