Accessing your home server from outside your local network is usually done by forwarding a port of your server through the router. This note describes a different approach allowing to establish a peer-to-peer connection between hosts on different private networks without having access to the router.

Routers support several technologies to provide access from the Internet to your local network. The most common solution consists of configuring various services from within the router requiring administrator access:

  1. Assign a fix local IP address to your home server via DNS.
  2. Forward a port on your router to the home server’s port.
  3. Subscribe to a free dynamic DNS service on the Internet and configure the router to use it.

The solution suggested in this note gets along without any router configuration! All you need is an external OpenSSH server (hereafter referred to as “gateway”) with a public IP address somewhere on the Internet.

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Update 20181228: emphasize required root permissions, add use cases, add systemd configuration.