This note shows how to install the Estonian Electronic Identity Software on Debian 9.

ID-software – what’s this?

ID-software allows you to use your ID-card electronically – use private and governmental e-services, digitally sign documents and encrypt documents for safe transfer.

During ID-software installation 3 programs are installed into your computer: ID-card utility, DigiDoc3 client and DigiDoc3 crypto.

With ID-card utility you can check the functioning of your ID-card and certificate validity, change PIN and PUK codes. The ID-card utility window displays the ID-card owner’s data and ID-card validity data. This information is constantly visible when ID-card utility is running. ID-card utility enables you to perform actions with certificates (extend them, change and unblock PIN codes and PUK code), configure email address.

Update 2018-06-21:
Ria does not maintain the zesti binaries any more. Therefor I replaced the link in script to xenial instead. Although there are no dependency clashes on my system, I do not have the time to test a fresh install now. Feedback is appreciated.

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