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This note explains how to set up a cheap Raid 1 NAS with an Odroid or Rasbperry board and two USB-harddisks using OpenMediaVault. Only very cheap and largely available hardware components are used. When very high availability is required it is recommended to hold available a second Oroid/Rasbperry board with a mirrored SD-card containing the NAS operating system. In this way the system has no single point of failure.

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Java at school / Java à l’école

This release publishes Java à l’école 2 - solutions (see below).

Java at school / Java à l’école is a collection of self-learning Java exercises in French for A-level students.

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Reverse SSH-tunnel

Accessing your home server from outside your local network is usually done by forwarding a port of your server through the router. This note describes a different approach allowing to establish a peer-to-peer connection between hosts on different private networks without having access to the router.

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Redirecting an audio stream with aloop

This manual shows how to record the output of Windows applications using wine, the snd-aloop kernel module and recordMyDesktop. [1]

The snd-aloop module is very useful when you need to record other sound sources then your microphone. Simply connect the “noisi” application to the first sound loopback devices provided by snd-aloop and the screen recorder to the second.

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Install Adobe-Air Applications in Wine

Many older educational study materials do only support Windows. For example the German editor Hüber produced many of its language programs with Adobe AIR. Unfortunately Adobe abandoned AIR for Linux a long time ago. Since then there was no way to run Adobe AIR applications on Linux machines. The improvements in wine 1.8 together with some wine-tricks now allows Adobe AIR applications to run with wine. This note explains the setup.

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i3 window manager extensions

i3 is a tiling window manager for advanced Linux users. This note introduces some handy extensions to i3:

a file-manager extension with a proper workflow,

an exit-mode extension and

a pass-through-mode extension.

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Switch Debian from legacy to UEFI boot mode

This note explains how to switch a legacy boot Debian/Ubuntu system into a UEFI boot system. Typical use case:

switch a legacy boot installation into an UEFI one,

reinstall a broken UEFI boot loader on Debian 7, Debian 8 or Debian 9.

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