Set up an encrypted NAS on Odroid-C2 or Rasbperry 3 with OpenMediaVault (OVM)

This note explains how to set up a cheap Raid 1 NAS with an Odroid or Rasbperry board and two USB-harddisks using OpenMediaVault. Only very cheap and largely available hardware components are used. When very high availability is required it is recommended to hold available a second Oroid/Rasbperry board with a mirrored SD-card containing the NAS operating system. In this way the system has no single point of failure.

Read more online or download a pdf-rendition .

Published: 20170311

Update: 20180626: Upgrade to Debian 9 and OVM 4

Update: 20180624: Troubleshooting section extended.

Update: 20180925: Armbian automates the installation of OVM

Update: 20181011: Add a section about NAS firewall configuration with UFW