Enable sound in Tor-Browser in Debian 10

This short note explains how to configure Tor-Browser to enable sound in Debian 10.

It took me some time to get the sound fixed and as I did not find any tips on the Internet, I thought to share my solutions with you.

ASCII Art Hangman for Kids

ASCII Art Hangman for Kids is a children computer Hangman game designed for classroom usage with graphical TUI interface.

Hangman is a paper and pencil guessing game for two or more players. One player thinks of a word, phrase or sentence and the other tries to guess it by suggesting letters or numbers, within a certain number of guesses. In this version for children the computer selects a word, phrase or sentence randomly out of a word-list defined in a configuration file. In the course of the game ASCII-Art images - designed for children - are progressively disclosed. There are 10 built in ASCII-Art images from which one is chosen randomly at the beginning of the game. Alternatively own ASCII-Art can be provided in the configuration file.

Update 20190713: Version 4.9.0 asks a secret only once