The German keyboard norm DIN 2137-01:2018-12 integrates gender ideology

The German E1 keyboard layout is an extension to the German basic layout containing a complete set of letters for all European languages. As I communicate in 5 European languages myself, the E1 keyboard layout is the only layout I found so far, in which I can access all the letters I need for my languages. My verdict after having tested the layout for some months now: this is the keyboard for Latin based languages!

On the other hand, a national keyboard layout is also expression of the writing culture of a country. In this regard it is particularly disappointing that this honorable new norm ships gender ideology.

Tp-Note news: fast note taking for system administrators (and console lovers)

The template based note-taking tool Tp-Note was originally designed as desktop application: Before creating a new note, the user copies interesting bits of text into the clipboard. When Tp-Note starts, it analyses the clipboard's content and fills out some template to create a new note. This is why people who are working with non-graphical headless systems could not use Tp-Note efficiently: in general, these systems offer no clipboard. With version 1.7, Tp-Note comes with a new feature making it interesting for system administrators and console lovers: instead of injecting data into the templates via the clipboard, Tp-Note also reads the standard I/O input stream stdin. This way Tp-Note offers its full functionality on headless systems.