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Parce que j’aime cette vie, j’aimerai la mort aussi.

—Rabîndranâth Tagore: L’Offrande lyrique [1]

This site is the continuation of my blog on http://getreu.net. To follow this blog subscribe to its atom feed. Feeds tagged manual, article, thesis or software reference documented projects hosted on this site.

Here is a list of most recent posts:

  • 25 September - Bucket-NAS

    This note explains how to set up a cheap Raid 1 NAS with an Odroid or Rasbperry board and two USB-harddisks using OpenMediaVault. Only very cheap and largely available hardware components are used. When very high availability is required it is recommended to hold available a second Oroid/Rasbperry board with a mirrored SD-card containing the NAS operating system. In this way the system has no single point of failure.

  • 21 June - Digidoc Open-EID

    This note shows how to install the Estonian Electronic Identity Software on Debian 9.

  • 16 June - Java at school / Java à l’école

    This release publishes Java à l’école 2 - solutions (see below).

    Java at school / Java à l’école is a collection of self-learning Java exercises in French for A-level students.

  • 01 February - Secure Programming of Resource Constrained Devices

    Slides of a presentation I held in Warsaw, 16 January 2018.

  • 09 August - Note taking with Pandoc

    Markup languages like Markdown, ReStructuredText, textile, txt2tags or mediawiki are perfectly suited for fast note taking. Type your notes with your favorite editor, chose your favorite markup language [1] and view them with Chromium, Chrome or Firefox [2].

[1]Rabîndranâth Tagore: L’Offrande lyrique. Because I love this life, I will love death as much. I first saw this epitaph on grave near a chapel in Clairfontaine Belgium. The grave has been taken away many years ago but the words remained in my mind.