ASCII-Hangman for Kids is available as Web-App

ASCII-Hangman is guessing game for children with ASCII-art rewarding. It was originally designed to revise vocabulary in classroom, but can be used alone also. The setting up of the vocabulary list is part of the learning process.

I am happy to announce that the newly released ASCII-Hangman version 5.0.0 comes with a Web interface allowing to play online without installation. The desktop versions for Linux, Mac and Windows are continued.

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Announcing Tp-Note: fast note taking with templates and filename synchronization

Abstract: Tp-Note helps you to quickly get started writing notes with its powerful template system. As Tp-Note takes care that the note’s filename is always synchronized with its document title, you will find back your notes easily.

Tp-Note - Downloads

I am a great fan of markup-languages. I started in my youth with LaTex, later I discovered Asciidoc and ReStructuredText. Some years ago Markdown improved so much, that it became my favorite markup-language. I have currently settled on Pandoc for producing renditions for all kind of purposes. The best is, that I can write everything in a text editor with vi-key-bindings! Especially for fast note-taking, markup-languages are particularly well suited. In my early computer days, I still took notes in regular text files, but soon raised the need for better order into this: over the years my experience established some best practise conventions about how filenames, and front matter of notes should look like. It suggested itself to use some template system in order to create notes quickly. About 20 years ago, I developed a first Bash-script to create note-templates. Templates are most useful, when they can be filled out automatically.