Announcing Stringsext Version 2

This blog post is about stringsext version 2, a major rewrite of the original software. Version 2 comes with performant filter for scripts like “Latin“, “Arabic”, “Hebrew”, “Cyrillic”, ...

stringsext is a Unicode enhancement of the GNU strings tool with additional functionalities: stringsext recognizes Cyrillic, CJKV characters and other scripts in all supported multi-byte-encodings, while GNU strings fails in finding any of these scripts in UTF-16 and many other encodings.

Enable sound in Tor-Browser in Debian 10

This short note explains how to configure Tor-Browser to enable sound in Debian 10.

It took me some time to get the sound fixed and as I did not find any tips on the Internet, I thought to share my solutions with you.

Scientific publication: Enhancing Forensic-Tool Security with Rust: Development of a String Extraction Utility


The paper evaluates the suitability of the Rust ecosystem for forensic tool development. As a case study, a forensic tool named Stringsext is developed. Starting from analyzing the specefic requirements of forensic software in general and those of the present case study, all stages of the software development life-cycle are executed and evaluated. Stringsext is a re-implementation and enhancement of the GNU-strings tool, a widely used program in forensic investigations.